How To Say NO To Children Without Saying It

Children need rules and limits to feel safe and parents are responsible for achieving this. Currently, many parents feel overwhelmed when it comes to educating their children and often abuse the word ‘NO’ in their vocabulary. When parents use this word too much when they address their children, they will only make the little ones stop listening to it, and worse, make sense of it.

The Use And Importance Of NO In The Lives Of Children

This can generate frustrations for parents, they may feel that they are not doing things well and sometimes when this happens and they believe that their children do not listen to them, yelling and bad manners begin. It doesn’t have to come to that at all. The first thing that parents should bear in mind is that if their children do not respond to their ‘NO’ it is because they have used them so much that they no longer make sense to them. The word ‘NO’ should only be used for specific moments, specific situations where there is real danger for the child, such as looking out of a window, letting go of the hand in the middle of the street, etc.

By this we mean that using it indiscriminately does not make sense, that it is better to use it for real moments of danger. But that the ‘no’, as a negative is also important to use it from time to time so that children learn that it is a word that is used and that they must also learn to tolerate and know how to use it at specific moments in their lives. They, too, must learn to say ‘no’ when necessary in their life. For example, if a child is taught to say ‘no’ at appropriate times, as a teenager they can assertively say no to their peer group when they do not want to do a particular activity.

How To Say NO Without Saying It

But in order not to abuse NO, it is important to learn to say it without saying it and also to use assertiveness without having to be too negative in the conversations we have with our children. It is important that the little ones feel that we understand them, that their emotions are the most important thing and that they also have some control over their actions. This way they can be responsible for what they do and also avoid unnecessary conflict and tantrums that will not help to have a balanced home.