Hyper Celebration With Children: A Problem For Parents

When children’s events are held, it is the parents who decide how to celebrate it and it seems that lately, it is getting out of hand. Many parents, even wanting to celebrate an event to a great extent, be it birthdays, communions or any other event of their children, may feel overwhelmed, stressed and even anxious about so many commitments and financial expenses, but is all this really necessary?

But stress not only appears when parents celebrate their children’s events, it can also appear when children are invited to events, such as birthdays, communion, graduation parties at children’s centers in style … And in addition to the party, too you have to think about the gifts to bring to each event, of course.

Celebrations That Get Out Of Hand

Until not long ago, celebrations consisted of bringing together family, friends, at home … economically, and children had a great time, and adults too. No need for paraphernalia or extravagance. Now, it seems that children’s parties have to have clowns and bouncy castles, that communions are celebrated as weddings, that birthdays can be trips to leisure centers, going to the snow because the children have approved the first term, gifts for behaving well … is all this necessary? Over-celebrating all children’s social events can be a problem.

Adults celebrate any event in the lives of children, events that in many cases are normal and do not require celebration at all. Every end of the educational stage is celebrated, the seasons of the year, the holidays that do not correspond to our country, the religious is celebrated, the civil is also celebrated … everything is celebrated and it seems that every week is a reason for celebration. It is celebrated that you pass an exam or that your room has been cleaned, do you also celebrate responsibilities with parties and gifts? What’s going on?

The Value Of What Really Matters Is Lost

When so many things are celebrated, children can lose the value of things. They will not know how to value what is really important and the satisfaction for the celebrations can even be lost. It is important that parents understand that celebrations serve to give importance to a specific event, not to everything absolutely.

Children Become Self-Centered And Materialistic

It seems that the party with more things and more gifts is better. The human value of things is lost and what really matters in the celebration: the emotional bond. Also, children think that they are the center of everything no matter what is around them, making them self-centered and materialistic.

In addition, children end up thinking that they are deserving of everything immediately and without needing to deserve it on many occasions. This will make them stop being responsible for their actions and even their life, and can lead them down a path of chaos.

A Misconception Of Happiness

Children need tools to build themselves as successful people and with hyper-celebrations they think that the more and more they have, the happier they are. And the reality that happiness is based on enjoying the here and now, enjoying what you have no matter how much there is. Union with loved ones is more important than anything material.

The ideal would be to celebrate things in an ordinary way, educating to live both in the good and in the bad. Failures are an important part of people’s lives because it helps us understand mistakes to improve in the future. Life is much more than celebrations every week and those values ​​must be learned by children so that in the future they do not get a good smack with reality.